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Device Administration in the Data Network at the University of Regensburg

This site offers information about the registration of devices for the data network of the university and about the guidelines for the registration. The site also provides a personalized portal with login and a summary page for the administration of devices registered by you.

Registration News News about the device registration (german only)

Information about device registration Here you will find some background information about device registration

Device registration guidelines This document describes the requirements for the registration of a device in the data netwrok of the University of Regensburg and which guidelines you have to follow

Personalized Summary Page (Login required!) On the summary page you can see all the devices registered by you or for you. Furthermore you have the possibility to register or delete a device, to modify the data of it, to prolongate the device registry and to use the so-called "Kursrechneroption"

Summary Page for Workgroupmanagers (Login required!) On the summary page for workgroupmanagers a workgroupmanager has the possibility to see all devices registered in his or her container. The login is only possible with an workrgoupmanager account.

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